Thursday, November 25, 2010

High Cliff State Park 11/24/10

BakRdz, Jstajlr, and myself spent the day geocaching at High Cliff State Park yesterday. I've never been to this park before and I had a blast doing a whole variety of caches. The photos below are from one puzzle cache that was probably the most challenging terrain I've ever encountered caching. It normally wouldn't be this hard, but the stiff winds had blown water vapor across the rocks creating ice that was nearly an inch (or more) thick near GZ. It was only 0.11 miles each way, but the entire journey lasted almost an hour. The first hundred feet or so was easy and then we hit some frost. Frost turned to a thin layer of ice and then it just continued to get thicker the farther we went. Knowing it's a puzzle cache and not wanting to spoil it, we decided not to post the pictures. They're being posted here without any reference to the cache because it was such a great adventure that the pictures just need to be shared.

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